CSW Boost

The CSW Boost is a result of constant innovation and refinement. The Boost payout winch is designed for those who charge and need equipment that won’t fail while out on the lake or tow road for those epic all day sessions.  Whether you are an aspiring acro pilot looking for a reliable way to train, or a XC crusher looking for the next big flight, this winch has you covered.  The Boost is built on 8 years of extensive experience towing paragliders and hang gliders.  This winch uses the proven sprag technology all of our winches have been built around in the past except for one exception.  It is stronger.  We have successfully increased allowable towline tensions by 20% in addition to making the sprag clutch more serviceable.  This equates to a more robust winch overall and less down time in the case of a problem. We have reduced the overall weight of our original winch while taking all the good parts with it.  The CSW Boost is a hydraulic payout winch that boasts the fastest rewind time available to date.  As always, it is equipped to fit on a Class 3 2″ Hitch for easy transferability.  And the best part? We have been able to reduce the overall cost and pass it on to our customers!



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