Q: Which winch is best for me?

A: This can be tricky because everyones needs are different.  In general, if you want the one that can do stationary and payout tows the Superwinch will be the best fit.  Payout only? Look toward the Boost.  Mainly stationary towing? CSW II.  Please feel free to reach out to us and we can explain the differences between them in detail.

Q: Will I need to buy additional items such as towline and a drogue?

A: The Cloud Street Winch comes equipped with all the necessary items to go towing including towline, a drogue, weaklinks, We do offer some minimal options, however, to accommodate everyones needs.

Q: Will the cloud street winch tow hang gliders?

A: The cloud street winch is capable of towing both hang gliders and paragliders and various other flying contraptions.

Q: Can the cloud street winch be easily transfered between vehicles?
A: The cloud street winch can easily be shared between people as long as the vehicle is equipped with a 2”x2” trailer hitch with an adequate tongue weight rating. The winch can be easily moved with two people or single handedly with the help of a hydraulic cart.

Q: How high are the typical tows?
A: A typical payout tow will be in the range of 3000 ft (~914m). Tow heights will vary depending on many factors however and can exceed 4000′ at times.  Stationary tows can reach up to 1500′ or so.  A good rule of thumb for stationary tows is that you can get about 1/3 of the total line that you lay out, in altitude.  A good one for payout tows is about 1000′ vertical per mile.  These are no wind scenarios at a safe climb rate ~2m/s give or take.  Add a headwind and the numbers go up significantly.

Q: Do you offer tow tech certification and operational training?
A: We DO offer tow tech certification (USHPA) and operational training. With every winch sale, we include USHPA tow tech certification for one person at our location.  Off site tow tech clinics can be arranged as well at a reasonable expense.

Q: What if I damage my winch? Can I get replacement parts?

A: Since we have a full set of production drawings for every winch, replacement parts are easily replicated for a perfect fit each time. Depending on your need, parts may be in stock or can be fabricated in a reasonable amount of time.  Our online store will go live soon for getting the parts and accessories you need quickly.

Q: I would like to import your winches…can you send me dealer prices?

A: In order to keep our costs down, and keep the experience as positive as possible, we generally don’t deal with dealers.  We prefer dealing directly with our customers but we do have one exception.  If you have purchased a winch from us in the past and find yourself with customers who are interested in purchasing, we can work a deal.  We feel that this is the best route to go because the customer will have extensive experience using our products and can add value to customers and ensure the best experience possible.